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What is 4-ACO-DMT and Its Applications?

4-ACO-DMT (4-acetoxy-n, n-dimethyltryptamine), or say O-Acetylpsilocin, is widely known as a hallucinogenic drug (stimulating) in the tryptamine class of drugs (like LSD and psilocybin). It is the acetylated type of the hallucinogenic mushroom alkaloid psilocin (4-HO-DMT). It is a steadier compound than psilocin and has a more drawn out time span of usability. It is usually called “psilacetin” among its clients. It is generally found in crystalline/powder structure, in either it’s fumarate or HCL salt.

  • It belongs to the category of drug family known as LSD and psilocybin.
  • It is steadier than psilocin/
  • It is available in powder and crystal form.
  • It is famously used as a hallucinogenic drug.

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