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Amphetamine also called meth, ice, crystal and chalk) is a highly addictive man-made stimulant drug that comes in the form of a white, odorless crystalline powder. α-methylphenethylamine offers users the promise of a stimulating “high” that brings feelings of euphoria, energy, and increased confidence. Amphetamine are stimulants, a type of drug that lets people stay awake and do continuous activity with less need for sleep.

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Amphetamine(likewise called meth, ice, precious stone, and chalk) is an exceptionally addictive man-made energizer drug. It comes as a white, unscented crystalline powder.

Amphetamineis typically grunted, smoked, or infused and, inconsistently, ingested orally. These types of utilization lead to a solid sentiment of prosperity and euphoria: increased vitality and a loss of appetite. The ice drug effects normally last 6 to 8 hours; Amphetamine can last any longer in certain circumstances.

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