Black Tar Heroin (Uncut)

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how to Buy Uncut Black Tar Heroin 99.8% Pure! From: Afgan

This listing is for buy Uncut Black Tar Heroin 99.8% Pure!

Strait solid black tar heroin direct from the hills of sinaloa. Smells like a bag of vinegar!. Get it while we have it. Prices set to kill the game and purity set high enough to kill your customers!

buy your heroin from us good old Mexicans! We have the best shit anyway, even China White heroin, with close to 99.8% Purity! Made locally with production process bought and exactly replicated from SE Asian heroin producers/farmers. The best in the world! Lets do this!

-Ask about distribution pricing; for all the dealers who want to get up on game! We will get the numbers right so we all win!

Shipping Notes:
* We will only provide tracking the day it is ready. Tracking is only going to be offered within 6Hrs of shipping date.

-Fedex orders must be shipped to residential address no PO Boxes. PO Boxes for Mex-Post only.

-This listing is not risk based i.e. Buyer doesn’t assumes risk of loss in the event of customs seizure.

-Buyer must confirm assumption and satisfaction of packaging method on the order page in clear text before we ship out.


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